Adding an icon to your server.

Grab the picture you want to use and head over to 2FA

Paste the image URL link or click choose a file to import a photo from your computer. Then click on the 鈥淯pload Image鈥 button. 2FA

Your image should pop up in the upper right-hand corner. As seen below 2FA

You will then need to click and drag the little boxes to fit the part of the image you want to include. 2FA

When you鈥檙e satisfied with the selection head down to the green box that says 鈥渃ut and preview鈥. Under this heading, you should select a size in the dropdown menu. select 64x64 then click capture and preview. 2FA

After clicking you should then get an option saying 鈥渄ownload png鈥 click on this and save the file as 鈥渟erver-icon.png鈥.

Now go to your server and open 鈥渇ile management鈥 then open 鈥渇ile explorer鈥 in the dropdown menu. 2FA

Click upload and pick the icon you made, make sure you name the file exactly server-icon.png or this will not work. 2FA

Now restart your server, feel free to open a ticket if you need any assistance.