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Available Modpacks on Bloom's One-Click Modpack Installer and Updater

Hello Bloomers! 👋

This document will show you a list of Modpacks available in Bloom's One-Click Modpack Installer. We also explain you how to request a modpack.

Bloom's system automatically checks for Modpack updates every 4 hours. Modpack updates will show up after panel cache is cleared one hour after the modpack is updated.

If Bloom's one-click modpack installer doesn't have the latest version of a modpack is either because the system hasn't processed the upgrade or because the system failed to test the updated version of the modpack, in which case we may need to update the modpack manually or wait for the developer to push a fixed version to CurseForge.

Our modpack installer has the top 100 multiplayer modpacks on CurseForge, it also has FTB Modpacks and a curated list of modpacks. The system currently has more than 150+ modpacks that are available to be installed with just one click. We are working on adding more modpacks to the installer. If you have a modpack that you want to add to the installer, please contact us.

How to request a modpack

To request a modpack make sure that the modpack has a server pack under the "Files" tab in the CurseForge page and that the modpack is a Forge modpack and not a Fabric one (We currently only support Forge Modpacks).

Grab the link to the Modpack CurseForge page and make a suggestion on our Discord server.

To create a suggestion go to the #bot-commands channel of our Discord server and type !suggest (suggestion goes here), make sure that you include the link to the modpack.


The list of modpacks in this document is updated manually, if you want to see the actual list of modpacks please go to and sign in with user demo and password demo, select the server, then go to the modpack section to see the most up to date list of modpacks.

Modpacks currently available listed on our website (list is updated automatically and is in alphabetical order)