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Creating a Caddy Split Server

Hello Ducklings!

This guide will create a Caddy split server on

Creating the split server.

Head on over to "Server Splitter" tab in your Minecraft control panel.


Now, enter a name for you server and choose "NO SUPPORT SERVERS" under "SERVER CATEGORY". Then choose "Caddy Server" under "SERVER TYPE". Set MEMORY to 100MB and DISK to how much storage your Caddy server needs. After that, press SPLIT SERVER.


After you press SPLIT SERVER confirm you would like to split your server by pressing YES, SPLIT THIS SERVER. This will stop your main server and create a split Caddy server.

Configuring the Caddy server.

To start, drop your html/php files into the "/public" directory of the caddy server. Then start the server. If you would like to use a domain for this server follow these instructions to setup a reverse proxy.