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Vulcan Anticheat

What does the plugin do?

Vulcan is an advanced cheat detection system that operates at the packet level with version support for 1.7 all the way to the latest version. Vulcan provides extra features with it's plugin, such as Discord bot support, banwaves, an ingame GUI, and BungeeCord support.

Cheats detected by Vulcan:

  • Combat Hacks (Aim Assist, KillAura, Reach, Velocity, etc.)
  • Movement Hacks (Speed, Bunny Hop, Jesus, Flight, etc.)
  • Player Hacks (Bad Packets, Interact, Improbable, Scaffold, etc.)

Setup & Configuration:

First, download the plugin on their Spigot Page (Please note pthat this plugin is premium, and you will need to pay to use it). Then, drop the plugin into your /plugins folder, and restart the server. If you want to use this plugin with bungeecord, check out extra steps on Vulcan's Bungee Page.

Vulcan is pre-configured to be almost plug and play. Most configuation options can be edited ingame (with /vulcan gui), and checks are being constantly optimised and changed to best fit all servers.


It's best practice to have a test server (even a local one if getting a hosted one isn't an option) to test your anti-cheat configuration before deploying. It is important that you are aware of the checks enabled for your server, as long as the reprocussions given with them.

There's a false positive, what do I do?

With all anticheats, false postives are expected. Please get as much information as possible to help with fixing the check, and then report the bug on Vulcans Support Discord. Vulcan is well known for thier quick and helpful support, and the false positive should be fixed quickly.



As with every anti-cheat, there is always the possibility for false positives and bypasses, and Vulcan is no exception. Please check out Vulcan's Spigot Page, and make sure to read the disclaimers!

Spigot Page

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