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How to take a Timings Report

What is a Timings Report

A timings report is a way of detecting what is causing lag on your server, if you are running paper, Tunity, Purpur and other Forks of paper you can take a report using the following steps,

How to take a Timings Report

First, in-game or in console, run the command /timings on it will then say this. enter image description here Once you have enabled timings wait at least 10m then go onto the next step.

When you have waited 10m, then do the command /timings paste Once you have done the command it will paste a link like the one below enter image description here

Open the link and you will see the Timings tab, anything in red is using a excess of resources. Also, you can also click the plugins tab to see what plugins are using the most resources on your server.

If you require help with reading your timings, create a ticket in Discord!