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What does the mod do?#

Chunky is a fast, easy, and safe tool for pre-generating chunks on your server.

Chunk generation in Minecraft is slow, which can sometimes cause server lag or slow chunk loading for players. Generating them upfront will help improve performance and gameplay on almost any server.

How to install#

Check out the Installing Fabric Mods page.



You will usually notice a boost in server performance after you are done pre-generating chunks, however during the process you may experience some lag. Pre-generating large worlds can also use a lot of storage space.

To start generation, you should first select a world by using chunky world <world>, and then the radius with chunky radius <blocks>.

After that, you can run chunky start to start generating.


It's a good idea to reinforce the pre-generated area by using a world border so that players don't explore too far in your world and generate new chunks. When doing this, you can also increase the radius by ~200 blocks (10 chunks) so that there is some buffer when players are right next to the border.

If you wish to pause or cancel pre-generation, you can run chunky pause or chunky cancel.

If it is paused, you can run chunky continue to resume pre-generation.


The table below can be used to estimate the file size of your world after you generate it. The values below are for 2k by 2k blocks (1k radius). Note that every time you double the radius, the area (and correspondingly the disk space / time taken) increases by 4x.

WorldFile Size
world110 MB
world_nether115 MB
world_the_end75 MB


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