Installing Fabric mods on your server#


This tutorial is for Fabric servers.

You'll first need to find the mod you wish to install. Downloads can be found on a variety of sites. Many mods can be found on CurseForge. Make sure you trust the source of your downloads.

In any case, save the mod to your local machine. Mods can either be uploaded via the web panel or through SFTP. If you're uploading in bulk, go with the latter.

In your server's root directory, locate the /mods folder, if it's not there then create a new directory named /mods. Navigate into this folder, and upload your mods' file there! The vast majority of mods require you to restart your server to take effect.


Be sure to use the correct version of the mod. Unlike Spigot/Paper, mods are likely not across minecraft versions.

Additionally, many Fabric mods require the Fabric-API. Download the relevant Fabric API for you server version, and put this file in the /mods directory as well.

Players may need to install some fabric mods locally as well. Consult the documentation of your mod to see if this is required. Some mods may provide a seperate file for players and servers.