How can I check my ping to the different servers?

Open your terminal and run ping [IP]. You will then be told your ping (in milliseconds) to the server. Alternatively, you can use this tool to check the approximate ping from multiple different locations. Below is a list of what IP to ping for each server.

US (Dallas): pintail.bloom.host
US (Virginia): begonia.bloom.host
Finland: goldeneye.bloom.host
Germany: bluebill.bloom.host

What panel does Bloom use for Minecraft?

Bloom uses a customized version of the Pterodactyl panel. It features both a light and dark mode, though you should use dark mode :)

Light mode panel
ew gross disgusting i hate it why did i even put it in here

Dark mode panel
oh thank goodness, thats a bit better

If you want to check out the panel for yourself, simply go to mc.bloom.host and login with the demo user credentials (username demo, password demo).

How does Bloom's waitlist/pre-order system work?

When Bloom is preparing to launch a new node, a waitlist will be opened allowing you to reserve a spot and pre-order your first month of service. While you do have to pre-pay to reserve your spot, your billing cycle does not begin until the day your server is activated so you are not paying for any unused time. If you are an existing customer that will be transferring your server to the new node, you will also be given a pro-rated credit for the unused time on your old server at the time of transfer.

At any point, you can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund for any amounts prepaid.