What does the plugin do?

Dynmap allows you to see your Minecraft world in 3D in real time, like Google Maps.

Dynmap preview


Download the Dynmap plugin and place into the plugins folder then restart your server to generate configuration.txt. Create a MySQL database. If you are unsure, check out this guide.

Now enter the database information into this section remembering to remove the # (Note: Don't enter the information below enter the information from your MySQL database)

type: mysql
hostname: 123.456.67.2
port: 3306
database: s123_dynmap
userid: u12323402
password: 123456789

Now go into the Bloom.host discord, open a support ticket, and request that the Dynmap port be opened on your server. Join here!

You can also request your Dynmap IP to be added to Bloom's reverse proxy, changing the website link from 123.456.67.2:8123 to subdomain.yourdomain.com. Please read this guide.


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