Installing Plugins#

⚠ Warning:#

This tutorial assumes you're using Bukkit (or a fork of it, such as Spigot or Paper). - If you are not sure which to use, be sure to check out our server jars document!

What are plugins?#

Plugins are addons you can use on your server to modify certain aspects of the game. Depending on the plugin, these changes may wary from minor quality-of-life tweaks to complete gamemode-wide changes.

How do I install them?#

You'll first need to find the plugin you wish to install. Downloads can be found on a variety of sites. Common places are Spigot's Resource forums or the Bukkit Dev website. Make sure you trust the source of your downloads, as plugins have high-level access to your server.

In any case, save the plugin to your local machine. Plugins can either be uploaded via the File Manager or through SFTP. If you're uploading in bulk, go with the latter.

In your server's root directory, locate the /plugins folder, if it's not there then create a new directory named /plugins. Navigate into this folder, and upload your plugin's file there! Most plugins will require you to restart your server before they take effect.

I installed a plugin, but it doesn't work.#

In quite a few cases, plugins may not load. There is a lot we can try to see what happened.

> Did you reboot the server?#

In most cases, you'll have to reboot the server (not /reload!) for these changes to take effect.

> Did the plugin successfully load?#

When the server is starting, look out for any error messages in the console. If you are having trouble debugging these errors, be sure to ask for help on our Discord server!