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You need to have GeyserMC installed to use these addons!

Read about it here

How to install the addons

There are 2 different types of Geyser addons.

The first kind of Geyser Addon is installed by uploading it to your plugins folder. Some examples of plugin addons are Bedrock Player Managment and SimpleGeyserVL.

The second kind of Geyser Addon is installed via the experimental Geyser Addon PR. An example of an experimental addon is GeyserReversion.

The addon list!

Bedrock Player Management

Bedrock Player Management adds a way to give specific permissions to your bedrock players. This is most useful when using a anticheat that doesn't come with built in Geyser support.

You can download it here


SimpleGeyserVL is a plugin that allows bedrock players to use votifier voting! Floodgate Prefixes will no longer be a issue with this plugin installed!

You can download it here


GeyserReversion is like Viabackwards for Geyser! It allows older Bedrock versions to join your server. Though this is almost never needed due to Bedrock Edition having auto updates it is still cool to have! It also adds support for the Education edition of the game to join via Geyser!

You can download it here


GeyserBlockJavaPlayers is for if you want to make your server for bedrock edition players ONLY! This is for server owners that are interested in a bedrock server but would perfer to use Java Edition plugins!

You can download it here


GeyserPreventServerSwitch stops players connected through Geyser from joining specific servers on your network!

You can download it here


This is a plugin I reccomend for all servers with Geyser installed! The bamboo bounding box is different on java than it is on bedrock. This causes some really buggy behavior. This plugin removes the bamboo bounding box server side removing this issue. The only problem with this plugin is that it will allow hackers to phase through bamboo without issue.

You can download it here


GeyserBlockPlatform stops certain devices from joining your server. I don't see many uses for this but say you really hate Apple iPhone users and wanted to restrict them from joining your server. You can do it with GeyserBlockPlatform!

You can download it here