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Documentation Overview

Most of the articles in this documentation were created by our community. You can help us too! Visit our guide on How to contribute to our docs to learn more.


search functionWelcome to the Bloom Docs! Here you can find useful information about our services and panel, running servers, frequently asked questions, and more! For the sake of easy navigation, we've created a list of few of the more frequently used documents below.

Throughout all documentations you will see common syntaxes:

  • <something> - A 'variable', something you are supposed to change to your needs.
  • Orange texts and documents with icon lead to other guides or external websites.

For easier navigation, you can use the 'search' function! Simply click the button in the top right corner or use the CTRL+K hotkey.


If you can't seem to find answers for your questions, be sure to get in touch!

The fastest way is to join our Discord server and ask in #support-chat!