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Bloom Docs Overview#


Welcome to our docs! Here you can find useful information about our services and panel, running servers, frequently asked questions and more! For the sake of easy navigation, we've created a list of few of the more frequently used documents below.

Quick links:#

Using The Panel:#

In these guides, we'll go through everything to know about our game panel, the Duck Panel such as managing your server through the console and managing your files!

If you wish to see a quick rundown of our core features, check out the panel showcase!

Running a Server:#

In these documents, we'll guide you through the very basics of running a Minecraft server such as picking a server jar or managing your worlds!


Interesting, cool, and useful plugins.


We aim to provide fast highly quality support and a good set of docs are crucial for that. Volunteers are very welcome!

Can't find what you are looking for?#

If you can't seem to find answers for your questions, be sure to get in touch! The fastest way is to join our Discord server and open a ticket in #support-tickets