File Manager Controls File Manager Hey there Bloomers! In this guide, we will go over the basic controls of the file manager and how to utilize it to its fullest!

Getting to the File Manager File Manager To find the file manager, go to the Minecraft panel, and go to your sidebar. Click File Managment folder, then File Explorer.

What everything does File Manager

Blue Area

The blue area shows where exactly you are in the files. So if you were to go into your plugins folder, it would change to /home/container/plugins

Red Area

The red area is "The Bar". You can make new files, new folders, upload files, or use a mass action on several selected files or folders.

Orange Area

The orange area is your directory. This is the place where all your files are in. To open a file or folder, right click on it. To modify it, left click on it.

Left Click // Actions Area

When you left click on a file or folder, you have several options on what to do with it, ranging from renaming to deleting it. File Manager