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File Manager Controls


We would highly suggest using an SFTP client over the built-in file manager in most cases such as for editing large configuration files, down/uploading large archives files and more. The file manager still has loads of useful features however. See our guide on SFTP.

Basic Rundown#

By default you will be able to see the main/root folder of your server. You can click other folders to view their content. On the top left corner you can see your current path.


Without selecting any files you can:#

  • download files from a link (if the link directly leads to a file!)
  • create new directories or files
  • upload files directly from your computer
  • select all files with the checkbox in the top left corner.

You can also select induvidual files by clicking the checkbox right next to their names.

While having file(s) selected you can:#

  • copy or move the file within the current server's directories or even to other split servers! Simply select the server's name and the path of the new files' locations. You can use go up a directory and /<directory> to go into one. Here you can also specify whether to overwrite any files or folders with the same name.
  • archive files together. This will depending on the size of the files take a while. Once it's done, you will be able to see a file called archive-yyyy-mm-dd.tar.gz with all the selected files and folders inside it.
  • delete files. We would suggest using this feature when deleting loads of small files over using SFTP.

You can also click ... next to a file to do even more. Here you can:#

  • rename a file/folder
  • duplicate files
  • download files