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What Are Schedules?#

Schedules are ways to automate doing certain tasks through the panel such as starting, stopping or restarting the server, executing commands or even creating a backup. Using a user-friendly click format!


The schedule system and our nodes use the UTC time zone. Please keep this in mind while creating schedules. You can use this website to convert time zones.

Creating A Schedule#

First, go to your game panel and on the left sidebar, select 'Schedules'.

Here is where all your schedules will be located in one convenient place. To add a new schedule, click the Create New button. Here, enter a name for your schedule and select when you wish for it to run. In case you would like to use the more advanced syntax, crontab, click the 'Advanced' tab!


Once finished, click create and open it from the list. Here, click 'New Task'


The final section is what it will send as a command or as a power action. Commands should be used without the “/” in it and doesn’t accept variables. You can send a power action, with which can have turn the server on or off.

Here you can also specify a delay. This is useful in cases where you have to give a warning to your players 5 minutes before a restart for example.


➤ Daily Restart#

➤ Daily Backups#

See our guide on backups!