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Frequent Issues & FAQ

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Frequent Issues & FAQ

Known Issues / FAQ

  1. The server won't show up in the Community-Server tab:
    • This is a known problem and the devs will hopefully fix that asap. Best choice is to connect by IP and Password.
  2. The server has a memory leak:
    • This is also an issue that they are aware of.
    • The bEnableInvaderEnemy option seems to have a huge impact on the current RAM usage. Disabling it might be choice.
    • Tip: Schedule a server restart every 6h. You might adjust the value according to your system!
  3. The server does not show up in the steam server list:
    • This is currently and might never be supported.
  4. The config file gets deleted / reset on server restart:
    • Before editing the config file always make sure to fully stop the server first. Otherwise all changes wont be saved.

Due to at least one memory leak the server requires about 16-32 GB RAM. Referring to the official documentation you can start the server with 8GB but you will run out of memory very quickly. The minimum should be 16GB but 32GB are fairly recommended for now.

As of January 19th 2024 the server requires about 5GB of storage space. This might extend with further content/updates.