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Server MOTD

How to change your MOTD without a plugin#

First you need to write your MOTD, you can use this website to help you. Once you have your MOTD like you want it, copy the code, like the one shown below Open your server panel and head to File Explorer, if you need a hand, check out this guide!. Now, enter your and head to the motd section and paste the copied text where the old one was, then restart your server and your changes will be made.

How to change your MOTD with ServerListPlus#

ServerListPlus is a plugin that changes your MOTD through a plugin also adding features like custom MOTDs for seperate players. You can download it here!

Now download and place the plugin into your servers plugins folder and restart. once you have restarted head, into the ServerListPlus folder and open the config.yml. Now you can change the MOTD how you like. this website can help you make one shown below. enter image description here

How to change your MOTD on Bungeecord#

Changing your MOTD on Bungeecord is slightly different. You can still use ServerListPlus, following the guide above, but if you want to do it without ServerListPlus, enter your Bungeecord config.yml and head to the MOTD you can use this website to help you like the one below. Bungeecord motd