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What does it do?

ajParkour automatically generates parkour courses on the fly, below your players feet.


Plugin installer

It is quite simple to install plugins from the plugin installer, firstly search for the plugin.

Plugin installer installing

Then click install and restart your server.


Download the plugin from spigot and place it in your plugins folder. Then just restart your server!


Firstly, you need to give your area a name, for this we will use "BloomDocs" so we run /ajp setup create BloomDocs

Next we need to setup the areas our random blocks will spawn in. To do that we have two options, Worldedit or vanilla.



WorldEdit must be installed for this to work, if you don't have it installed, use the method below

Using WorldEdit is the easiest option, All you need to do is create a selection with the wand ( //wand ) or //pos1 and //pos2. after that you run /ajp setup we and it will do the rest!


ajParkour has another method built in using /ajp setup pos1 for one corner and /ajp setup pos2 for the other.


The next thing to setup is difficulty, there are 5 options, described below.

  • Easy - The easiest with only one block jumps
  • Medium - Adds two and three block jumps
  • Hard - Adds four block jumps
  • Balanced - Slowly increases the difficulty the more you progress

To set the difficulty you run /ajp setup difficulty <difficulty> with difficulty from the above list.

Fall Position

When you fall you can optionally configure ajParkour to send you back to a predefined location, this is achieved by running /ajp setup fallpos while standing on the location you want it set to - this preserves rotation too.


Once you have completed the former steps, you can save your configuration to be joined using /ajp setup save.


If you want to edit your setup at any later point you can run /ajp edit <name> with name being the name of the area with capitalization.


Now you have created your course you can join it via /ajp start <player> <course> with player being the player name and course the name you gave it


Typing commands is hard for players... Lets make some portals to join out course!

Stand where you would like your portal and run /ajp portals create <name>. A good name would be the name of you course with _portal on the end