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What is CraftingStore?

Crafting store is an automatic Minecraft donation store page where you can create your own webpage and sell things like keys and ranks to your players. It is a monetization/donation platform for your server, and handles the payment gateways for you.


To install, go and download the latest version here then move the file to your plugins folder. Afterwards, restart the server. Once you have done that, create an account at and follow the CraftingStore panel's setup instructions.

After your store is configured to your likeing, get the API key from the servers page and enter it in the plugin config.yml found in the CraftingStore folder to link your server with your CraftingStore page. Restart one last time, and you can now start accepting donations!

If you require help with setting up your store page, check out CraftingStore's knowlegebase here!




CraftingStore Knowledgebase