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How to take a Timings Report


As time has gone on, Timings has become a bit outdated, from the Bloom team we usually recommend using Spark instead.

What is a Timings Report

A timings report is a way of detecting what is causing lag on your server, if you are running Paper or other Forks of paper you can take a report using the following steps,

How to take a Timings Report


Purpur (and forks of it) no longer supports timings as of 1.19.

First, in-game or in console, run the command /timings on. Once you have enabled timings wait at least 10m then go onto the next step.

After waiting 10m, run the command /timings paste.

Said command will paste a link on the console, which when clicked will take you to a web interface similar to the one shown below.


Anything in red is using a excess of resources. You can also click the plugins tab to see what plugins are using the most resources on your server.

Alternatives to Timings

Timings, while a great tool to get an overview of performance at a basic level, might not be the best utility to use for more indepth troubleshooting or performance breakdowns. A new and popular alternative that we recommend is Spark. Learn more about it here.

If you require help with reading your timings, create a ticket in Discord!