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Using Mods

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Using Mods


Mods are not part of the vanilla server software, so in order for this to work, you must install tModLoader.

Mods are a way for developers to add new items, bosses, mechanics and more into the game.

tModloader itself has a built-in mod list where you can browser and install mods. You can find this by clicking 'Workshop' in the main menu, and then the 'Download Mods' option.

Download Mods menu item highlighted in game

Once you have found a mod you'd like to use, press the 'Download with dependencies' button. This may take a few moments to process.

Download with dependencies button highlighted in game

Once downloaded, click the 'Back' button and open the 'Manage Mods' option.

Manage Mods menu item highlighted in game

Click the 'Disabled' label to enable the mod. Next, press the 'Open Mods Folder' button which will open the folder in your file explorer.

Disabled label highlighted in game

For newer versions of tModLoader, the files will be nested in some numbered directories. If you are unsure which one your mod is, you can search it up in the Steam workshop to get its ID! Mods directory open in file explorer

Open your server in the DuckPanel and select the File Manager tab.

Here, open the mods folder and drag & drop all the files ending in .tmod from the previously opened local folder.

Lastly, make sure to upload the enabled.json file. You will be prompted whether to overwrite the existing file; make sure to allow it to overwrite the file.

Now, going back to the 'Console' page of the panel and restarting the server will apply our changes.

Panel console showing the mod is loaded

That's it! You can now connect to the server and use the mods! Make sure all players who want to play on the server have all the necessary mods installed.