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Using Plugins

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Using Plugins


Plugins are not part of the vanilla server software, so in order for this to work, you must install TShock.

First, find some plugins you would like to install. A safe source is the official plugin list.

Additionally, make sure all plugins support your server's version. You can find the version of the server with the /version command in-game or in the console.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll be installing Creative Mode by Bippity. GitHub list showing a download link

Once you have your plugin(s), head over to the File Manager in the DuckPanel. Here, locate and open the ServerPlugins folder. Panel file manager showing ServerPlugins folder

Within, you can already find the TShock API files. Simply upload all your plugins' files into the same directory: Panel file manager showing the install plugins folder

Then, head back to the 'Console' tab of the panel and restart the server.

While the server is loading, you should be able to see each plugin load: Panel console showing the plugins loaded

In our case, we can also verify that it worked by using the /creativemode command as an Admin in-game! In-game creative mode plugin showing